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Welcome to Infinity Roleplay Philippines, Hope you will enjoy staying and playing our server. We have auto refund to all new players.. If you ever encounter a bug, please report it in the bug section of forum. thank you.

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 Point War Rules

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PostSubject: Point War Rules Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:15 pm

All gangs are required to read carefully and understand them well our "Point War Battle Rules" as this may help you and your gang to improve your skills and follow the server rules without receiving infractions.

Alt tabbing at point
You may not alt-tab while inside point. If you need to go AFK you must exit point boundaries (it also helps you if you /report so admins at point know). If you alt-tab while capping your gang will be punished.

Assigning/Changing/Switching Gang Leader without Admin Permission
Assigning/Changing/Switching Gang Leader without an Admin Permission is strictly prohibited and can lead to a gang strike. Always /report or ask an admin regarding about it so other players know the current status of the gang.

Sniping outside to inside point
Using a sniper outside the point boundaries just to kill enemies inside the point boundary is not allowed due to the fact it would create an unfair advantage to other gangs. Some point boundary especially the exterior ones are widened. So, you can use the sniper.

Shooting and camping gangs outside the point boundaries
Any gang members that is to be seen camping outside of the point area can be shot upon, but only from inside the point. If the campers shot back from outside point to inside point, then they will be punished as it is considered Shooting outside point boundaries. You are not allowed also to go outside in the point boundary just to wait for other families to claim it and then rush back inside the point once someone attempts to claim it, then you will be punished.

No Civilians/No Hiring/No Recruiting of civilians during point war battles
You are not allowed to hire or help someone during point war battles. Only your family and your alliance may fight in the point together. You are not allowed to recruit people while a point is taking place only to make them help you in point. Obviously that is unfair. You'll get punished for that and get a strike.
Civilians - You may continue to mat run, drug run or any other reason you would be required to enter an active point. However, you do this at you're own risk. Again, do not shoot/fire/kill/help any other families out there while the point is active or you will be punished.

Do not punch the capper
Hitting the capper with fists, bat, shovel, pool cue, and any other melee weapons out there is not allowed as it interrupts you from attempting to claim the point, it gives you an unfair advantage. You are NOT allowed to do it anymore!

Chicken running
Chicken running is running zigzags or circling the person shooting you. This is also part of our server rule and this is not allowed at point war battles either.

Lag Capping/Lag Spiking
Lagcapping is when you have very high ping or very low fps (20 fps below) and (600+ ping)making it hard to hit.
You also may not turn on any 3rd party programs that makes your ping rise (or start downloading movies/musics/torrents, youtube and etc.) so you can have an advantage at point.
Lag Spikes is a ping (indicated by net_graph 3) that hits anywhere. Let's say from 150-1000 MS, from anywhere from a few seconds to many minutes. In other words, it makes you unhittable because of the lag spike that you have

Chasing outside point
You can chase and kill anyone outside the point boundaries if his/her health is 50 or below. (NOTE: The person with 50 or below health can be killed by any opposing gangs outside the boundaries during pointwar)

Shooting outside point boundaries
You know what exactly this means. Players who attempt in any point are not allowed to shoot outside the point boundaries. If a player shoots outside of the point boundaries without chasing or his/her target's health is 51 or above, he will be punished.

Using other than your family skins
If your family will participate during the point you are required to use your assigned family skins. You are not allowed to wear other gang skins, civilian skins or restricted skins either.

Ping limit for attending points
If you wish to attend a point, you must have ping of less than 500. If another player notifies you about having a higher ping than that and you notice it's true, you have to leave the point. This rule is related to pingspiking rule as under normal circumstanes you wouldn't even have a ping higher than 400.

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Point War Rules

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